Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happy Couples!


We're happy to announce that Strange Coupling 2013 is proving to be as exciting as ever!

This year's coupling pairs are:

Frank Correa and Stephanie Klausing
Shaw Osha and Chao Wang
Joel Ong and Tina Aufiero
Tivon Rice and Hesheng Chen
George Rodriguez and Marisa Bautista
Serrah Russell and Alexandria Kewitt
Jenny Heishman and Eric Seremek
Luke Haynes and Caylin Cordray
Jacob Foran and Monica Pauls
Susanna Bluhm and Max Cleary
Karn Junkinsmith and Brit Ruggirello

This year's event will be held at Blindfold Gallery on Tuesday, April 9th! We're very excited about this venue, the exact times will be announced soon! For information on the space visit

Also visit the facebook page at for more frequent updates!

See you at the opening!

StrangeCo 2013

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